Exhibitions in 2017 :

Older news and articles, for more info, click the image!

Finnish Cultural Institute in New York Residency in 2018
Lasinkeräilijän blogi vieraili Nemeton-näyttelyssä (article about Nemeton exhibition in Finnish)
Featured in New Glass Review by Corning Museum of Glass
Artist in residence at International Glass Studio in Bárdudvarnok
Presenting my study at European Glass Context Conference in Bornholm 11.9.2016!
Presenting my design at Talents, Tendence Frankfurt 27-30.8.2016
Part of RIKKI -art project and graphic novel publication
My study on Finnish glassmaking can be read at Aaltodoc (click image for the link)
YLE – Maaginen sarjakuva herää henkiin lasin sisällä 24.9.2015
Article on Designboom! 8.9.2015


The Finnish Glass Museum: Lasinen sarjakuva 11.9.-1.11.2015


Young -exhibition in Glass Gallery Leerdam 1.8.-21.9.2015


Comic Art in Glass travels to Toronto, Article in Helsingin Sanomat


“Two faces of a drowned man” is part of European Glass Experience -touring exhibition


Tulintu in TLmag



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