Deep waters…

Here’s a summery scene of the lake near to my home. Lately I’ve been going back to a dear old theme in my art: shady waters, ghost and mermaids lurking under the surface.

Some of these “deep water” glass pieces will be on display at Talents -exhibition at Messe Frankfurt in the end of August alongside with my ceramic designs.

To be honest my summer has been far from lazy: I’ve been preparing a work (an engraved mirror!) for Rikki-exhibition at Third Space Gallery in Helsinki 28.8.-4.9.2016. Rikki is a collaborative project, which showcases art about mental disorders by several artists.  The main objective has been about removing stigma out of mental illnesses.

For more info:

Here’s now smy new stuff from this spring, Gloomy Mermaid and Distressed Deer:

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