The best way to start the new year is by getting fresh photos of last years artworks! These pieces, The Encounter, Hanging Tree and Let’s hide in the woods, play with the idea that a handcrafted glass piece projects surreal visions on the falls. Thanks to photographer Iiro Immonen, the scenes of light and darkness were captured in photos.



This is one of my most handcrafted pieces from 2014. “Tsar’s garden” is made in traditional graal technique in co-operation with master glassblower Kari Alakoski. Finally I got some presentable photos pf the piece, thanks to photographer Heidi-Hanna Karhu.

In 2012 I was busy with my BA final work for Ceramic and Glass Design at Aalto University. These artworks are some of the results. The graal-glass-technique was new for me, and I approached it with a melancholical theme of drowning and diving in to deep waters.


The glass vases are all mouth blown at the university’s studio in Helsinki by glassblower Elina Piispanen. You can find a video of the making here:

psgraalnaamat5Ella Varvio 2012

This work above “Two faces of a drowned man” is featured in the European Glass Experience -touring exhibition. In March 2015 it will be included in an exhibition at Museo del Vetro, Venice.

These older works have been signed by name Ella Jaakkola.


lasityo-7 lasityo-27

Tulintu is a my project with fellow artist Sini Majuri. We are both using graal-technique and comic art influences as a medium for contemporary glass art. These are some of my works from spring 2014. The artworks in the pictures were made in Helsinki, Finland in co-operation with glassblower Katri Pankasalo.


Photos: Veera Konsti