Project Graal 2012

In 2012 I was busy with my BA final work for Ceramic and Glass Design at Aalto University. These artworks are some of the results. The graal-glass-technique was new for me, and I approached it with a melancholical theme of drowning and diving in to deep waters.


The glass vases are all mouth blown at the university’s studio in Helsinki by glassblower Elina Piispanen. You can find a video of the making here:

psgraalnaamat5Ella Varvio 2012

This work above “Two faces of a drowned man” is featured in the European Glass Experience -touring exhibition. In March 2015 it will be included in an exhibition at Museo del Vetro, Venice.

These older works have been signed by name Ella Jaakkola.


Tulintu 2014

lasityo-7 lasityo-27

Tulintu is a my project with fellow artist Sini Majuri. We are both using graal-technique and comic art influences as a medium for contemporary glass art. These are some of my works from spring 2014. The artworks in the pictures were made in Helsinki, Finland in co-operation with glassblower Katri Pankasalo.


Photos: Veera Konsti